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Important Note to Firefox 3 users

What is the SeatBelt Extension?

SeatBelt is a Firefox plug-in that assists you when signing in to OpenID sites with your PIP URL. Typically, if you are not signed into your PIP account when you access a sign in page using OpenID, you need to access your PIP account and sign in. Since you must do this within the same browser window, you have to navigate away from the page you wish to sign in to.

SeatBelt detects that you have clicked on an OpenID sign in field while not signed into your PIP account and prompts you to sign in. Once you have signed in, SeatBelt automatically returns you to the OpenID sign in page with your PIP URL filled in. The sign in session continues as normal.

What is the icon SeatBelt added to my browser?

When you install SeatBelt, it adds an icon to the upper right corner of your browser. When not signed on to your PIP account, the icon is gray.

When you visit a site and click on an OpenID sign in field, you see the following message:

Click Yes to go to the PIP Web site to sign in. When you are at the PIP sign in page, the icon is green.

Once you sign in to your PIP account, the icon is yellow. Click on this icon at any time to access your PIP account.

The next time you visit a Web site that supports OpenID, your PIP URL is automatically filled in to the sign in field.

If the SeatBelt detects that you are being phished or if you experience a problem when signing in with your PIP URL, the icon is red.

How do I change the SeatBelt settings?

Right click on the SeatBelt icon and select SeatBelt Settings from the menu. From the Settings window, you can configure general settings for the SeatBelt, manage other OpenID providers, and create an OpenID delegation. Refer to the sections below for more information.

General Settings

star Navigate to your provider on session start

When enabled, this option directs you to the PIP Web site when you launch Firefox.

star Enable Phish Detection

When enabled, this option turns on the SeatBelt's phishing features. When you visit OpenID Web sites, the SeatBelt attempts to detect if the site is legitimate. If the SeatBelt determines that the site is not legitimate, you see the following message:

Clicking OK returns you to PIP.

star Enable Provider hot swapping from the context menu

When enabled, this option allows you to select different OpenID providers that you have defined. Select a different OpenID provider by right-clicking on the SeatBelt icon and select the Providers option. The next time you visit an OpenID site, the URL for your selected provider is supplied to the site. Clicking on the SeatBelt icon redirects you to your selected provider's site.

OpenID Providers

To add other OpenID providers, enter the URL for your provider in the Add Provider field and click Add. Your provider must support the SeatBelt extension.

You can switch among providers by selecting a provider in the Installed Providers list and clicking Enable. You can remove a provider by selecting a provider and clicking Remove. Note that you cannot remove PIP from the list of providers.

OpenID Delegation

OpenID delegation allows you to define an alias for the URL that PIP or other OpenID providers create for you. This allows you to define a URL that is personalized and easy to remember.

To enable an OpenID delegated URL, enter your selected URL in the Delegate Identity URL field, then select the OpenID provider from the dropdown list.

Important Note to Firefox 3 users Top Top  

If you disable the option to "Accept third-party cookies" in your Firefox options you must white list in order for SeatBelt to function properly. While there are no third party cookies present on the PIP site there appears to have been a change in behavior Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 in how our cookies are being treated.

SeatBelt Support

If you need technical assistance with the SeatBelt, or if you are an OpenID provider and would like more information on enabling the SeatBelt with your site, contact us at
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