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With One-Click sign-in, you no longer have to remember your usernames and passwords to sign in to your favorite Web sites. One-Click securely stores your usernames and passwords in one place so you can quickly and easily sign in from anywhere.

One-Click sign-in is secure. VeriSign cannot access or read any of the sign-in information you enter in your PIP account. Only you have access to your usernames and passwords.

It takes just a few minutes to set up One-Click. Just add the Web sites you have accounts for and enter the username and password for each.

Setting up your One-Click bookmark

After you enable Web sites for One-Click Sign-In, you need to bookmark the One-Click Sign-In Link. Bookmarking the One-Click Sign-In Link saves the link to your Internet Favorites menu or Bookmarks toolbar. When you want to access an online account, select the bookmarked link to sign in to your account with a single click.

Tip: Add a Web site to your PIP One-Click bookmark at any time just by going to the site. Click your One-Click bookmark and then click Add This Site.
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Using your One-Click bookmark
Go to the sign in page for the online account you want to access.
Click the PIP One-Click bookmark on your browser toolbar or in the Favorites or Bookmarks menu.
One-Click fills in your username and password and automatically signs you in.

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